Aluma Sport 716

New for 2018

Check out the all new 716 Aluma Sport pontoon boat we are introducing for 2018. With 1,600 lbs. of capacity and a 25 hp rating, you will have the ability to carry more weight and move across the lake at faster speeds to get to those favorite fishing holes or locations across the water.  ( Boat above is shown with optional canopy top, seating and 25 hp. outboard motor.) 

This 7′ wide x 16′ long all aluminum pontoon boat is packed with ( 6 ) 12″ floats that by far give it the most stable platform in the industry for a boat this size. Pontoons are .090 thick aluminum, with .100 thickness on cones and end caps.( That is the heaviest in the industry ) The 716 Aluma Sport weighs 875 lbs, with the trailer weighing 620 lbs. for a combined pulling weight of 1,495 lbs. That makes it very easy to pull with the lightest pickup or like vehicle on the road.

We are personally involved with every boat we have ever designed or manufactured, and after 2 years in development, we can say, this boat is incredible when it comes to maneuverability and stability. We have just never seen anything like it on the water. This craft is literally like walking around on your patio. 

Quality, you need not question the construction of this boat, like all our pontoon boats and docks we manufacture, there is nothing to compare them to. The 716 Aluma Sport is manufactured completely of aluminum with stainless steel hardware. We tell people everyday they could bury this boat and dig it up 20 years later and go boating.